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Keeping Your Mountain Bike Running Well

How To Properly Maintain Your Bike

If you are an avid cyclist, you have probably already come across Mountain Bikes.

Mountain Bikes are quite versatile and will ensure a long life of adventures. In order to keep your bike in good condition for many years, you will need to regularly maintain it.

To make sure that your bike is always safe and working well takes some investment of time, it is however time well spent for the miles of smiles. Here are some tips to keep your mountain bike working in tip-top shape:

Clean it regularly

A clean bike is safer because leaving all the grime and debris that a bike can pick up during rides may get in the way of its functioning well. Water damage and rust buildup can really cause issues with your bike. Hurtling through mountain trails and forest singletracks means that you might pick up mud, dirt, rocks and many other things that can cause damage to your bike frame, your chain, rings, and seat as well. Make sure you use clean water and cleaning solution with a sponge. Reapplying oil and bike specific grease to the parts that really need it as well to keep it all oiled up and working effectively.

Keep an eye on your tyres

Mountain Bike Tyres are specifically designed to be able to grip the ground in order to allow the rider to get through diverse surfaces, whether it's rough or uneven. They should also assist you in achieving a softer landing after going over bumps so that you can ride comfortably. These wheels should be able to give you an exhilarating ride while keeping you comfortable and safe. You want to inspect your tyres before every ride session; keep an eye out for any punctures and make sure that there is enough air in them for your ride.

Keep things lubricated

All the moving parts of your bike include the pedals, chain, derailleur, and the cassette, and these parts will need to be well lubricated in order to function at its best. Keeping things lubricated will ensure that you will have a smooth and easy ride. You want your mountain bike to perform as well as it can in order to ensure your safety and the longevity of your bike components. Keeping your bike components well-maintained will save you more money and time in the long run. You will also give yourself a more enjoyable ride with easier braking and speedier gear shifting.

Maintain your cables

Most mountain bikes will have several shifters on the handlebars that connect the brakes, derailleur, and brake pads together. This wiring is important to the functioning of your bike and its components, which is why you want to keep an eye on them. Visually inspect these wires for any rust, wear or tear, and any other possible damage. You will want to replace your wires yearly.

These sorts of basic care routines can be carried out at home with some basic tools and time. However if you’re not confident just get in touch and we’ll be really happy to help.

Professional Care

Even if you carry out some repairs yourself having your bike looked over professionally for repairs every once in a while is really worth doing.

These basic care routines can be carried out at home with some basic tools and time. However if you’re not confident just get in touch and we’ll be really happy to help.

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