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  • How does the service work ?
    Our customers or interested new customers can easily contact us by phone, email, through social media or by using the contact form. We take your request or query and offer you a rough guide straight away. We always offer the option of a face to face quote. This is free and no obligation. Then if you want to go-ahead we will either do the work there and then or schedule in a convenient time for you. We're a bit like a plumbing service in the way that we operate - the difference is we repair bikes. All bicycles are fixed and serviced at boingbicycles
  • Where do you service my bike ?
    Our whole business is based on a mobile model. We're set up and insured to come to you at home or place or work. We arrive and then set up our pop up bicycle workshop with your agreement and then carry out the work. We have a suite of professional bike tools so we can professionally repair your bicycle. We carry a float of frequently used items. We source anything else we need in advance or on the day if something unforseen comes up. We only use the most reliable parts that we believe in. Essentially we're a bicycle workshop but we save you the struggle of wheeling your broken bicycle to a shop. If you just haven't got time to get out to a shop with work etc our service is perfect for you.
  • How do I pay you ?
    At Boing Bicycles we can take a variety of payment forms. Every job is receipted electronically at the point of payment. Our terms are payment on completion of the work. We gladly accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, immediate bank transfer, paypal, applepay and googlepay.
  • How often should I service my bicycle ?
    The short answer is regularly. The slightly longer answer is it depends how much you ride your bicycle and how much care you're able to give it yourself in between each workshop service. We firmly believe no two bicycles needs are the same. Our longterm experience has proven that each bicycles service schedule is bespoke to how each rider uses it. We're always really happy to come and take a look and give some guidance on a suitable service schedule for your bike. We don't charge for this whether its in person or on the phone so if in doubt or not sure please just ask.
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